West Vancouver Schedule

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6:00 am — CrossFit
7:00 am — CrossFit
8:00am — Open Gym
9:00 am — CrossFit
10:00am — CrossFit
11:00am — Open Gym
12:00 pm — Open Gym
1:00 pm — Open Gym
2:00pm — Open Gym
3:00pm — Open Gym
4:30pm — CrossFit
5:30 pm — CrossFit
6:30 pm — CrossFit


9:00am — CrossFit
10:00 am — CrossFit
11:00 am — CrossFit


9:00 am — CrossFit Strength
10:00 am — CrossFit
11:00 am — CrossFit


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Troy Straith
Owner / Coach

Sophie Straith
Owner / Coach

Dan Webster

Chloe Gregory

Chris Chatzoglou

Laura Fonseca

Rob Goodfellow

Alex Jelaskoff

Mahyar Ghorbanzadeh

Gabriel Bijok-Gold

Jason Gach


Pet Policy

You are more than welcome to bring your pet with you, however we ask that you tie them up outside the gym. Not only in respect to the other athletes who may suffer from allergies, we do not want to risk them getting hurt by moving equipment while classes/personal training sessions are running. Feel free to bring a little blanket with you so that they are comfortable while they wait for you to finish your workout.

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