Reminder – Covid Protocols

We’re here to keep you safe!

  • Member bookings MUST be made in advance. No walk-ins.
  • Members MUST arrive on time, not early.
  • Members MUST maintain social distancing at all times, outside and inside the gym.
  • Each training time slot will be 50 minutes. Members MUST manage their time accordingly.
  • Members enter only when permitted by staff.
  • Members MUST sanitize their hands upon entering the gym.
  • Staff will conduct COVID-19 triage with all members upon entering the gym. Member temperatures will be taken.
  • Members MUST wear a mask at all times.
  • Staff will assign members to a specific grid.
  • 100% of member belongings MUST be kept inside their grid at all times.
  • Members MUST ONLY workout within their grid.
  • Members are NOT permitted to enter other grids.
  • Members are only to use any cardio equipment WITH a mask.
  • Members are to keep training at a low intensity.
  • Members MUST as a staff member for assistance before getting equipment.
  • Members MUST thoroughly sanitize ALL equipment at the end of their session. Ensure all equipment has been wiped down AFTER it has been returned to its rightful place.

Thank you all for continuing to follow these requirements!