1. When did you join CrossFit BC?

I joined CrossFit BC in February of this year.

2. Why did you choose CrossFit?

I have competed in sports and trained mostly on my own. I was looking to have a community of awesome people to push me, amazing coaching to make me a better athlete and a new challenges.

3. What changes in your health, physique and overall performance have you seen since starting CrossFit?

I think the biggest change is how much I look forward to my workouts. My training in the past was repetitive and fueled by self-motivation whereas now I never know what to expect, I have coaches and athletes cheering and pushing me and if I miss a couple days I have people asking if I’m okay and to get my butt back to the gym 😊 As for performance I would say my gymnastics is the biggest change. I did very little before and already I have accomplished a number of goals and feel I’m getting stronger and closer to achieving more.

4. What advice would you give to someone with regards to starting CrossFit?

CrossFit is a journey; it has exciting, frustrating, empowering, exhausting, fulfilling, defeating, powerful, exhilarating, humbling and rewarding moments; and you’re never in it alone. If you need support, advice, encouragement or a fist pump there is a coach, athlete or friend there to celebrate or suffer with you. AND Listen to your body and your coaches… they’re not just pretty faces. 😊

5. What is your favourite CrossFit exercise?

Not rowing! I love rope climbs and as I keep improving I’m loving walking handstands!!

6. What is your favourite activity outside of CrossFit?

Tough to choose! I’d say riding my motorcycle and traveling are my top two.

7. What is your proudest accomplishment at CrossFit?

I would have to say competing at CanWest games this year. It was an exhilarating feeling being on the mainstage with my team. It was a “pinch me” moment. And of course winning Festivus with Emily!!!! It was so much fun and not only am I proud of my performance, but so proud of Emily. She’s my inspiration.

8. Have you made any changes to your diet?

I’ve been a healthy eater for a long time, tracking macros and calories, so not much has changed. If anything I would say post weekend WOD brunch… mmmm bacon, eggs and roasted potatoes… and coffee!

9. Is there something that people would be surprised to know about you?

Haha yeah! Many things, but dancing on Much Music’s Electric Circus when I was in high school would surprise people.. maybe, I do dance a lot in class.

10. What/who inspires you the most?

I have clients I have been treating for a while, I can’t disclose names, but what they have overcome, their mental and physical strength, their determination, their positive spirit and dedication to being well or staying positive through a difficult journey has put so much in perspective, has made me so grateful for my health and has shown me what’s truly important. Not only do these heroes inspire me, but the human spirit I’ve had the privilege to witness.