CrossFit BC has all levels of CrossFit athlete. From the out of shape business professional to the CrossFit Games competitor. Teen Strength & Conditioning to Masters fitness for the retired 70+ senior. We offer daily workouts for all these people and can modify for each of their individual needs.  CrossFit BC has had 3 athletes qualify for the CrossFit Games each of the last 5 years. From the beginner to the competitor our programming is proven.
Each day we offer 3 different levels of the same workout and have named it after CFBC.
“C” Competitor
“F” Fitness
“BC” BootCamp
We encourage the new athletes to stick to the Bootcamp “BC” level until they have attained competency in the lifts and their bodies get conditioned to the daily workouts . All other athletes may choose between Competitor “C”, even if they don’t plan to compete, and Fitness “F” if they are a competitor but need a lighter day for active recovery