What a fun day at our annual Masters Challenge! Congratulations to all of the competitors and of course our finalists:


1st Place: Gillian Hicks

1st Place: Scott Tasaka

2nd Place: Kari Werner

2nd Place: Mike Mccorkell


1st Place: Kimberly Jakeman

1st Place: Terry Peters

2nd Place: Karen Rodgers

2nd Place: Mike Bradley

Thank you to our wonderful staff and volunteers who helped the event run smoothly. We honestly couldn’t have done this without you!

Thank you to our sponsors who put together great prizes for our finalists: 2 Guys with Knives, Body Energy Club, RYU, Virus Canada, RXBARs, and Ener-C.

Of course, thank you to DJ Rhino for playing some wicked tunes and throughout the day. You always keep us on schedule and we’re lucky to have you at our events each year.

We hope you all had a fantastic day and can’t wait to see you again next year!