Thank you!


Another year has come and gone! Congratulations to everyone who competed at the CFBC Summer Challenge today! The top three finalists are

1st place – Be Strong

2nd place – Dumbledore’s Army

3rd place – Driftwood

Thank you to all of our wonderful sponsors who helped us put together such fantastic prizes: Body Energy Club, 2 Guys with Knives, Fitness Town, Tydax,, Himalayan Hydration, RYU, Blonyx, and Virus

Big thank you to Daniel at Hero Culture for helping us design another great shirt for this years event. We always appreciate it

DJ Rhyno – thank you for MCing our event and cranking the good tunes. You make the day flow smoothly we appreciate all of your hard work

To our volunteers and judges – thank you!!!! This day wouldn’t be the same without you all. Tons of weight was moved, and WAY too much math was calculated (haha)

Kate (aka Curly) and Andrew (aka Flare) – thank you for shooting our entire event! We can’t wait to see your amazing pictures and the final movie

Last but not least, Coach JD and Coach Rob – thank you for helping us put together the best WODs to help test all levels of athlete. They were all equally as fun and equally as humbling. You guys are incredible, so thank you again for everything you do with us at CrossFit BC.