Tuesday, June 26, 2018


For Time 18 min cap (Comp & Fitness) 800m Run Rest 2 minutes 800m Run Rest 1 minute 800m Run (Bootcamp) 400m Run Rest 2 minutes 400m Run Rest 1 minute 400m Run

Tuesday, June 26, 20182018-06-26T19:24:54-07:00

Featured Athlete – Adlan Parsa


1. When did you join CrossFit BC? I joined about 10 months ago. 2. Why did you choose CrossFit? I was looking for an intensive social workout. Meeting others every morning and having a group workout is really enjoyable. I don't like working out alone, so I found CrossFit to be a fantastic option since [...]

Featured Athlete – Adlan Parsa2018-06-26T10:28:23-07:00