Monday, July 31, 2017


AMRAPS (Comp)AMRAP 6 min2 Rope Climbs5 Goblet Squats 1.5/2p10 KB Swings 1.5/2pRest 3 minAMRAP 2 minThrusters 65/95 (Fitness)AMRAP 6 min5 Goblet Squats 1/1.5p10 KB Swings 1/1.5p1 Rope ClimbsRest 3 minAMRAP 2 minThrusters 65/95 (Bootcamp)AMRAP 6 min5 Goblet Squats @ manageable weight10 Russian Swings @ manageable weight5 Ring RowsRest 3 minAMRAP 2 minThrusters @ manageable weight

Monday, July 31, 20172017-07-31T17:55:28-07:00



Our badass competitors/cheer squad. Congratulations to everybody who competed this past weekend - you guys all did us proud!


Saturday, July 29, 2017


Teams of 3 For TimeGo in order. Divide the work evenly with one athlete working at a timeRun together. 200m Run30 Power Cleans 65/9530 Shoulder to Overhead 65/95400m run60 Overhead Weighted Walking Lunges 25/4560 Air Squats60 Situps 800m Run90 Burpees to plate90 Double Unders

Saturday, July 29, 20172017-07-29T10:33:09-07:00

Friday, July 28, 2017


"Diane"20 min cap (Comp & Fitness)21-15-9Deadlifts 155/225Handstand Pushups (Bootcamp)21-15-9Deadlifts @ manageable weight Pushups 

Friday, July 28, 20172017-07-28T15:45:43-07:00

Good luck!


Wishing the best of luck to the CFBC gang who are competing at the CanWest Games this weekend! Coaches: MahyarSallyRobCaitlin Athletes: ChloeVanessaClaireKate GaryJonathanAndreaKayvanCome out to Percy Stadium this weekend and help cheer them on! It's going to be fun!

Good luck!2017-07-28T08:24:41-07:00

Thursday, July 27, 2017


AMRAP 15 min(Comp)15 Power Snatches 80/1155 Bar Muscleups (Fitness)15 Power Snatches 65/955 Chest to Bar Pullups 5 Hand Release Pushups (Bootcamp)15 Power Snatches @ manageable weight 5 Pullups 5 Hand Release Pushups

Thursday, July 27, 20172017-07-27T17:18:37-07:00